Doge 2 PeopleCoin Dollars!!

Earn An Unlimited Income Just By Using Your Time!

Exclusive to The PeopleCoin

Time IN - Money OUT!

No US Dollar Cost - Earn little and often to an Infinite Income

3 x 5 Forced Matrix

Auto Re-entries

Share It Forward (SIF) System

Intoducer receives commission on every entry and re-entry

STEP 1 - Signup For 'The One A Day Traffic Challenge', if you have not already done so, to receive your first PeopleCoin absolutely FREE!!

STEP 2 - You will immediately receive a welcome email plus a second email with details of an exclusive system normally reserved for VIP+ Subscribers only. As a special welcome you will be given access to this system regardless of your subscriber status. Follow the instructions within this second email and receive the benefits of our Global advertising for FREE!!

STEP 3 - Within this system there are multiple sites (Faucets) that you can use to Earn Free Crypto everyday day without requiring a single referral! - All faucet links belong to randomly selected subscribers just like you. You will also need to join CoinPot which is the online service which instantly adds your free Crypto from all of the faucets to a personal wallet. Login into these faucets regularly to claim your free Crypto Coins. Personally I do this at least twice a day in order to maximize the loyalty bonus and to ensure I keep it in place.

STEP 4 - You can do whatever you want with the Crypto you claim, but if you want to leverage into a passive income within this PeopleCoin Exclusive, convert all of your free Crypto Coins To Doge Coin. When you have accumulated 100 DogeCoins use them to purchase 30 days of discounted Banner Advertising on our Billion Dollar Banner paid pages, (Usually costs a dollar) and advertise any opportunity you choose. You can do this by sending your DogeCoins to this wallet address


STEP 5 - You will also receive a free entry in an exclusive 3 x 5 PeopleCoin Forced Matrix - You are will be allocated Position Number 1 in your own matrix plus a free Share It Forward (SIF) Entry.

Access to a private membership site will also be sent to you, so you can see what your holdings are worth in DogeCoin, provided you have a PeopleCoin Private Club membership you can instruct us as to what you want to do with it.

Every 'One A Day Traffic Challenge' subscriber that you have introduced that follows this DOGE 2 DOLLARS system earns you an additional 3 Doge Coins on every entry and re-entry they own!

As soon as you have a valid PeopleCoin membership you will automatically receive an entry to the next stage of this unlimited income generator which gives you 30 days of random advertising on the Billion Dollar Banner HomePage and on every page within our PLR Article Directory plus even Bigger Rewards.

This is a great way to build an unlimited income utilising many of benefits that the PeopleCoin offers at the lowest cost to you possible.


In a 3 x 5 Forced Matrix plan, each position is added into the next available position from left to right within the overall Matrix. Each position can only have 3 positions on the first level.

YOUR LEVEL 1: 3 Entries x 3 DogeCoins = 9 DogeCoins From Positions 2 - 4

YOUR LEVEL 2: 9 Entries x 3 DogeCoins = 27 DogeCoins From Positions 5 to 13
Position Number 13 Will Be Used For Auto Re-entry

YOUR LEVEL 3: 27 Entries x 3 DogeCoins = 81 DogeCoins From Positions 14 to 40
Position Numbers 26 & 39 Will Be Used For Auto Re-entries

YOUR LEVEL 4: 81 Entries x 3 DogeCoins = 243 DogeCoins From Positions 41 to 121
Position Numbers 52, 65, 78, 91, 104 & 117 Will Be Used For Auto Re-entries

YOUR LEVEL 5: 243 Entries x 3 DogeCoins = 729 DogeCoins From Positions 122 to 364
Position Numbers 130, 143, 156, 169, 182, 195, 208, 221, 234, 247, 260, 273, 286, 299, 312, 325, 338, 351 & 364 Will Be Used For Auto Re-entries

Your introducer Receives 3 DogeCoins For Every Entry or Re-Entry You Make.