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The People Mine

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ThePeople Network Development Phases

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STAGE 1 - Raising Funds

To do what needs to be done to make the People Coin a viable Crypto Currency we need to raise funds. This is to be achieved by allocating PeopleCoins in conjuction with PeopleTokens (To eligible Private Club Members Only.) Although there are multiple ways to aquire PeopleCoins, it is anticipated that the malority of allocations will be fueled by the selling of PeopleMine Advertising.

STAGE 2 - Launching The PeopleCoin

Once a sufficient number of PeopleCoins have been allocated they will launched as a Crypto Coin in their own right. PeopleTokens will also be allocated to qualifying individuals during this stage.

PeopleTokens are only issued to PeopleCoin Private Club members and will not be backdated, so if you are not a Discount Club member at this point any PeopleTokens accrued will be forfeit and you would just receive PeopleCoins, which can only be used for buying/selling goods/services or for trading purposes. PeopleTokens are used as a vehicle to enable us to fairly distribute any income received from the equity rental received from businesses who operate from PeopleCoin premises. There will never be any guarantees as to when or how much this may be with regard to PeopleTokens.

STAGE 3 - Sustainability

We use best efforts to ensure that ThePeople Mine AdPack Reward Schedule can be met in a realistic time frame and it is our intention to provide the rewards from the sale of physical products. To further ensure we can do this, as well as encouraging ThePeople to buy goods and services from 3rd party vendors, a small percentage of every advertising purchase made is used to buy and nuture plants until they can be sold for a profit, thereby assising individuals to literally Grow Their Own PeopleCoins.. We use best efforts, after expenses have been deducted, to try and double the number of plants being grown from every sale. Profit over and above these re-investment costs from this source is used to assist previous purchasers achieve their scheduled reward payouts quicker.

Is this sustainable? Absolutely! The profit from growing a plant from a seed and selling it or the crop it produces to the general public is generally in the 250% to 1000% range. If you grow a plant and it does not sell this year, you can market that same plant next year for even more money!

Initially this can be achieved by growing house and garden plants, but eventually growing will need to be done on a commercial basis. Unless you have been living in a cave with no outside contact, you have probably noticed the masses of information being disiminated regarding the legal changes regarding the super plant Hemp. The benefits of this plant have been known for a very, very long time. The fact that hemp can be used for fuel (biodiesel) and can absorb more CO2 than any other commercially grown crop or forest are of particular interest. Even in the United Kingdom, King Henry VIII had it written into law that, as a landowner, a fine would be payable unless a percentage of your land was used to grow it!

Many investment advisors are already suggesting that putting money into companies that are positioned to benefit from these anticipated changes sooner rather than later would enhance the profit of any investment portfolio. In order to facilitate this, given our own lack of resources, we have joining 'Heart & Body Naturals'.

We will be advertising HBnaturals extensively and have even added it to our own Supplement Marketplace. Upto 80% of any income received from this company will be used to assist with PeopleMine AdPack ALAIT Reward Schedules. Given that each AdPack has a built in percentage for plant growth, this will allow us to build a budget for growing our own commercial hemp when the time is right..

Although anybody can buy PeopleMine AdPacks and receive financial benefits for doing nothing, at the end of the day sales must be made by somebody in order for payment schedules to be met. As a further assistance in this regard we are constantly looking for opportunities that could help. Big Ticket items, such as holidays would definately make a major difference and to this end we have setup a Flight & Hotel comparison site. Another area we are testing is the manufacture (assembly) of silver jewellery and Ausrian Crystals. As well as suppling the base materials required to do this, the company we are using also sell completed articles direct to the public and have offered us a commission if we sell their products as well. We have started setting up a Jewellery Marketplace to enable us to do this.

STAGE 4 - Crowdfunding, a possible future?

I love the idea of people helping people to build their own personal dream businesses. PeopleCoins can help reduce the risk of some businesses by purchasing business premises and offering the buildings to selected individuals in return for business equity, but it does not go far enough.

Dream businesses often only require startup funds and not business premises and there is only so much this organisation can do without outside help. In order for PeopleCoin to meet everybody concerned before releasing funding is impossible, but we believe that every project should be considered and that Crowd Funding is the way to enable this.

Is that possible? Well yes, we think it is, provided we achieve a large enough distribution of PeopleCoins and PeopleTokens. By allowing them to be combined together to form a Crowd Funding only entity and allowing individuals to 'spend' them, thereby by removing them from their collective PeopleCoin pots, as a pledge of a minimum amount in return for equity participation.

This would remove the responsibility from selecting viable businesses from The PeopleCoin Network and place it with those that want to get involved with specific ideas or businesses after completing their own due diligence. When enough pledges have been received, funds would be released via a specifically setup company. You would physically receive shares in this company and be rewarded should a company be able to do so..