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The People Faucet

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Best Paid To Click (PTC) Sites

This is not just any list of sites, this is my personal list. Not only are they legit, cost nothing to join and pay you cash just for clicking links, I personally use them every day to receive payments 'on time - every time'.

With me so far? OK, back to how you earn the money. Make money in the easiest way ever! Just click on available advertisements and make it! To start with use the following sites...

Top Surfer - This site pays you to surf and click links in solo ads. As a free member you can click a maximum of 150 solo ad per day @ $0.003 ($0.45) and surf a maximum of a 100 pages per day @ $0.0006 ($0.06). If you surf the 100 pages in a day you also get a $0.03 bonus for a total of $0.54 per day!

LeadsLeap - As well as having an easy to use click ad section, LeadsLeaps also boasts some of the best free to use tools, which we use extensively in on our own sites and throughout our marketing.

TimeBucks - This is actually a free survey site with a host of ways to make additional money that pays commission on 5 downline levels. A very useful site, when used as a feeder for any business, but even more so if you are particating in the Synergy System.

Next there are any number of Paid To Click adverising sites that allow you to earn money starting from zero, some of which allow you to use the money you earn to buy/rent referrals, so you don't even have to recruit in order to grow your income. The ones I recommend are:



Scarlet Clicks – this site offers ad clicks and various offer walls. All earnings are added immediately to the account. Withdrawal minimum is $1 Click here to register on Scarlet Clicks


Each of these sites are free to join and pay users for clicking on ads. By putting the funds earned back into the sites a constant growth cycle is created.

Constant Growth

Each of the sites named above are pretty easy to build up with a little patience. With Ojooo for example you simply click ads until you have earned $0.20, then use that to rent a referral. Keep clicking until you earn enough to rent another and another. With each rented referral added to the account you earn more. It starts off slowly, but without adding any funds to the account I am now able to rent 5 referrals at a time. I will continue to build that up to 10, 15, 20 and onward all funded from site earnings.

The other sites all provide an internal building mechanism as well, each being slightly different. The only exception to this is Infinity Traffic Boost which requires at least 1 direct referral. Considering the similarity in the sites I would suggest simply advertising LeadsLeap on the others to get referrals and use the free tools provided to gain exposure to your main business.

Time Scale

I must point out that building PTC sites does take a bit of patience. I have been using most of them for a few months and I expect it to take me another few months to get to the point I want. Using several sites together, as I do, and highly recommend, means the overall fund pot grows much quicker.

Earning funds on these sites takes me about 30mins – 1 hour per day, however as they will create a never ending fund, that never stops growing as long as you keep working it, I think that is time well spent. With a virtual bottomless pit of funds I will be in a very powerful position to purchase anything regarding increasing my income in 2019 and beyond.

IMPORTANT: You will earn a very small amount initially BUT by following the system above of re-investing your paid to click income into renting referrals you will build consistently over time without fail. This works for everyone as long as they follow the plan!

I must admit I am rather excited as this works and will work for you too if you are persistant!