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If you are amongst the 1% of Claims that only receive 1 Satoshi from our Free Faucet, don't be downhearted as you have also won a
Free Default Advertising Package and associated As Long As It Takes Revenue Share Payout of $5.00 which includes income received from
3rd Party Affiliate Programs and from digital download sales made by The Useful Knowledge Network to ensure that payment schedules can be achieved
without new advertising buyers being required. You will also receive a valuable FREE PeopleCoin!

Just register with the main PeopleMine website and follow the instructions in the dashboard to send us your Public Bitcoin address in order to receive this prize.
Free Faucet Claims are paid instantly to Faucet Hub so you will also need to join them if you are not already a member. (It's Free!)


There are two ways you can become a paid People Mine VIP Member. You can purchase a $5.00 monthly subscription or you can purchase a $47.00 Annual PeopleCoin Discount Card which offers far better value as it includes a year's paid up subscription (Worth $60.00) and a free Advertising Revenue Share Package that pays out $47.00 as part of its many benefits. (NOTE: As this is originally a gifted package, it does not benefit from further gifted packages.)


Lower Payout Threshhold ($2.50 instead of $5.00)

Increased Cash Payout For Viewing Ads

Higher Commission on AdPack Purchases (25% instead of 10%)

Random People Mine Faucet Referrals

Random Moon Faucet Referrals from within ThePeople Mine Dashboard, ThePeople Faucet and on the Success Pages with our Free Lifetime Banner Offer

Random Referrals In Top Performing Business Opportunities from ThePeople Faucet and on the Success Pages with our Free Lifetime Banner Offer

Gifted Rewards - As a VIP Member you will be gifted into the next step of our reward payments schedule on completion of your current schedule. The total value of these gifted rewards is based on your original advertising purchase - if you want the higher the gifted rewards you need to purchase the higher priced advertising packages.

Anybody can be allocated PeopleCoins, which when the system goes live, can be used to buy/sell or to trade online across all jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. Members of The PeopleCoin Private Members Discount Club will also receive PeopleTokens.