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Top Performing TPnetwork Team Building Affiliate Programs

For anybody to making money online a sale or an exchange must occur. This can be as simple as selling a product/service as an affiliate, building a network of other people and earning an overide on their sales as well as your own, being Paid To Click to view someone elses advertising or even using your computer to perform complex mathematical tasks in order to be rewarded CryptoCoins.

We believe on a multi streamed income approach to online marketing, so we always have money coming from somewhere and if one of our recommended programs should fail, income will still be generated. To achieve this we do all of the above and more. Having navigated my way through to develop a successful, multi faceted online business and having done everything from online surveys to affiliate marketing, and many things in between, there is bound to be a lot of learning taking place. It is from this wealth of knowledge of what works and what does not work for me that allow me to choose only what I consider to offer the best value when it comes to spending money.

Unlike the VIP member opportunities listed below, our FREE Viral System Team Build can be accessed by anybody, subject to the following conditions.

1) You must join our FREE Viral System Team Build via this LINK and pay $7 to become a paid member of Lead Lightening

2) You must join SFI via this LINK as a further qualifying condition of being part of our FREE Viral System Team Build. IF you set up an auto-delivery for 1500 VP per month with SFI, you will automatically be included in our SFI Team Build as well. (NOTE: You do not have to set this up, you just need to join from the link above.)

3) You must notify ThePeople Mine Admin by sending us a Facebook Message with details of your Lead Lightening Sponsor, Your payment transaction ID and your SFI ID. As soon as the information that you provide is verified you will be added to our FREE Viral System Team Build.

Listed below are some of the top performing 3rd party owned website that we promote in order to ensure that The People Mine and by association The People Coin operates a sustainable business model. All of these links are rotator links and are randomly selected from

The People Mine VIP Members

Top Surfer
This site pays you 100% commission when you purchase a monthly $10 wholesale membership. They also pay you to surf and click links in solo ads. As a free member you can click a maximum of 150 solo ad per day @ $0.003 ($0.45) and surf a maximum of a 100 pages per day @ $0.0006 ($0.06). If you surf the 100 pages in a day you also get a $0.03 bonus for a total of $0.54 per day!

#1 ProfitRing
Buy an advertising seed package and add an advertising script to your own sites . They start from just $3.50 and earn you a passive income. Each seed package has email + banner advertising + extra benefits included as well.

Lucrative Traffic
In keeping with my objective of buying businesses one brick at a time using the Localvantia/Rewardical Program from Secure Future International (SFI) I have added a great 1up program from Lucrative Traffic, which if you upgrade may increase your SFI PSA's. (Even if you don't upgrade they have a free downline builder which could increase your referrals in the traffic programs listed.)

Lead Lightning
#1 Money-Grabbing system? Many are predicting this to be the #1 'Money Grabbing and Lead Generation System' of all time! And it's perfect for any level... beginner or pro.


Get Traffic, Build Your Business and GET PAID! - LeasedAdSpace is the only unique one-stop-shop viral marketing platform on the market today. There is more value in the free offferings than the other guys do in their paid platforms! NOBODY can touch them in terms of the value in the services delivered or the quality of the traffic and visitors sent! This is easy peasy simple!

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